• A comprehensive review of an individual’s impact upon his/her associates in the organization. Combining internet-based information with personal data gathering, a clear, actionable “program” is constructed.

    Starting with objective criteria, written comments, actual personal interviews, the individual is provided with a distinct comparison of their perceptions with that of the organization. The scores and comments lead to a comprehensive development statement and plan. This is married to a structured process that enables the person and management to define the strengths and address issues. It allows each to gauge success and plan for future growth.

    Information from a group of responders often has more impact than feedback from only one person. Thus, combined with a manager’s knowledge, what the individual can achieve is accelerated. As people’s strengths and skills are confirmed, there is also a “message” about areas where performance is not as effective. This allows for a greater accountability for both the individual and the organization and can be documented accordingly.