• Why employ an Individual Appraisal?

    • When the individual’s fit for the position is paramount.
    • When you have a high potential person whose development is crucial to the organization’s success.
    • When you have an individual who is struggling and needs the sort of information that will help him/her get back on track.

    The investment in this procedure gets to the heart of the matter and is very cost effective.

  • The Individual Appraisal is a thorough evaluation of talents, potentials and issues the person exhibits. Whether it is making a hiring decision, developing the talent you already possess, this process provides data that is accurate, useful and actionable.

    The Individual Appraisal entails an in-depth interview combined with a battery of pertinent personality and aptitude indicators. There is both a verbal feedback and a comprehensive written report completed on a timely basis. The face-to-face meeting may be conducted at the offices of G.E. GERCKEN ASSOCIATES or at the client’s site.

  • The characteristics examined are:

    • Intellectual: Capacity and problem solving style
    • Emotional: Coping style
    • Motivational: Psychological needs
    • Insights: Capacity for personal growth
    • Interpersonal Skills: People impact, fit with the culture
    • Vocational Implications: Management and day-to-day work style
    • Effective Management: What type brings out the best in the person?