• Research indicates that at least half of all coaching fails. The major reason for this is a lack of commitment on the part of the coach and/or individual. To be effective, this procedure requires a dedicated, defined and energetic process.

    Rapid development and growth of key managers is an important factor for success in flourishing organizations. This requires a knowledgeable and experienced consultant who understands business, organizations and the high potential development system.

    There is a significant level of interactions and “work” on the part of both parties. Starting with an accurate understanding the individual’s talent, the coach partners with the individual to develop his/her skills, minimize, and manage success interfering issues.

  • The Development Process:

    • Accurate review of talent, potentials and issues.
    • Specific contract with both the organization and the individual regarding the work to be accomplished.
    • Engagement: The work of coaching as defined by the initial contract.
    • Gauging Progress: Are we attaining our goals and have other issues arisen?
    • End Game: A compilation of achievements and next steps.