G.E. GERCKEN ASSOCIATES enables organizations and individuals to succeed in coping with the lightning pace of change in today's business climate. Our faith in the future is grounded in the talents of the people we serve. We pledge to bring our considerable knowledge and experience to bear in the continued pursuit of their success.

We believe in a growth model. Stagnation is not an option. Individuals and teams can readily change and adapt if they have the knowledge, courage and leadership to do so. Our goal is to provide the expertise, energy and dedication to make that happen.

We align with the organization's requirements. We foster growth via our commitment and steadfast belief in the capacity of people to surmount difficulties and continue to expand and learn. We believe. We care. We put ourselves on the line to make victory a reality.



Dr. George E. Gercken is a dynamic, highly accomplished, and knowledgeable Consulting Psychologist. He speaks the language of business. He is determined to make a measurable difference in the profitability and effectiveness of his clients. He wants them to achieve "The Wins of Change."

Dr. Gercken has worked with a variety of clients throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. "Even as I root for a client's success, I am a professional irritant," he says. "Their need to continuously transform themselves is the only way they can exceed tomorrow's complex demands."

In working with clients, Dr. Gercken quickly learns and digests the organization's business process, both internal and external. He seeks to transform human capital into bottom-line dollars.

"Understanding the pressures from outside the organization is key to determining how people work together better to serve customers in unique and innovative ways," Dr. Gercken notes. "We are interested not only in the dynamics of our clients organizations but also in their products, customers, and markets."

Dr. Gercken received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Florida and served an internship at the Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York. He received his B.A. in Psychology from Saint John's University and his M.A. in Psychology from the New School for Social Research. He is a licensed psychologist in Connecticut and a member of the American Psychological Association. Among his voluntary and community activities are being a member of the Foundation Board of Saint Vincent's Medical Center and Vice Chairperson of the Branford Chamber of Commerce.